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Better identity security. Better user experience. No compromise.

Despite global spend in excess of $90B1, data breaches increased 44% in 20172. The average time attackers go undetected grew to 101 days3. Most concerning, 81% of data breaches involve stolen or weak credentials4. In most cases, the security that organizations have in place today is not enough. If organizations are not focused on strong identity security, they simply are not secure.


SecureAuth IdP provides a better way to secure access to applications, networks, and devices, by offering the most multi-factor authentication choices available. SecureAuth IdP provides the most adaptive authentication risk checks, supports all major federation protocols for single sign-on, and delivers self-service tool sets to keep users productive while reducing the volume of mundane tasks for help desk staff.


Whether on premises, in the cloud, or a hybrid of the two, SecureAuth IdP delivers the broadest collection of standards-based APIs, enabling implementation in days or weeks instead of months or even years. Fast, flexible, pain-free and continuous – SecureAuth IdP is blazing a better path for identity security.


Layered adaptive authentication

With 25+ authentication methods ranging from protected SMS, to telephony, to push notification, and beyond, SecureAuth IdP adapts to preferences and provides maximum choice. Unlike many other vendors, IdP is flexible enough to create an infinite number of authentication workflows for different users, groups, or applications – because all identities and risks are not created equally. 

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Flexible multi-factor authentication

SecureAuth IdP offers more risk checks than any other vendor, analyzing multiple factors to confidently determine the legitimacy of every login attempt, thwart attacks in-process, and keep valuable resources and data safe. These multiple risk checks uncover clues around the true identity of an access request. The more clues, the more confidence. Adaptive authentication also provides a better user experience, only requiring additional authentication when risk is present. Better security, better user experience – with SecureAuth IdP you get both, without compromise.

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“Digital business requires continuous assessments of risk and trust, and the use of those assessments to inform security decisions at the moment they’re made. Organizations need to follow a CARTA [continuous adaptive risk and trust assessment] strategic approach. By doing so, they can monitor systems, users, applications and data in near real time for transactions, behaviors and patterns that represent risk, when the risk calculus is most relevant. If the risk represented is too high, organizations can adapt and respond accordingly.”


Secure single sign-on (SSO)

SecureAuth IdP streamlines secure access into all applications and resources with one set of credentials – regardless whether cloud, mobile, web or VPN resources. It enables any device with any identity type to authenticate to any identity store using any VPN to access any application. SecureAuth is the only vendor that puts strong adaptive authentication in front of SSO to ensure maximum protection without compromising user experience.

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Empowered user self-service

SecureAuth IdP enables users to securely reset their own passwords and unlock their own accounts, as well as enroll devices quickly, at any time, without help desk assistance. In a matter of seconds SecureaAuth IdP performs vital risk checks and ensures increased productivity. This frees up help desk resources to focus on higher value activities and makes users happier in the process. It’s a win-win for everyone!

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Strengthen security without user disruption

Based on your risk tolerance, SecureAuth IdP evaluates multiple contextual and risk factors at the time of request and requires additional authentication only if a risk is present.

Increase authentication choice & flexibility

With 25+ multi-factor authentication methods we support any of your unique requirements with infinite authentication workflows. Customize the authentication process by user, group, or system – the choice is yours.

Accelerate threat detection

Multiple risk checks yield high fidelity data that improve detection response time when correlated with other threat information. Thwart attacks before they become breaches.

Reduce IT burden & increase productivity

Self-service options decrease your reliance on IT help desk resources, improve productivity, and lower costs.

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