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Over 1 million cyber-attacks happen every day. SecureAuth’s analytics-driven approach to security and remediation enables customers to manage access and identify vulnerabilities to minimize risks and maintain continuous compliance.

By sharing intelligence across various security disciplines, customers can automate manual processes using consistent data, prioritization methods, and reporting, to cut remediation time, reduce risk, and ultimately secure critical assets from both the user access and infrastructure vulnerability perspective.

SecureAuth enables enterprises to take a more comprehensive and predictive approach to safeguarding critical data and assets.
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Hillstone’s Product Portfolio of Innovation

Hillstone’s product portfolio consists of a broad range of security solutions for enterprises and data center networks alike, supporting all deployment types – physical, virtual, or in the cloud. Continuous threat defense protects not only traditional perimeters, but also to internal network, down to each virtual machine. Choose the solution that best fits your business needs.

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InfoWatch Traffic Monitor Enterprise

InfoWatch Traffic Monitor Enterprise is a comprehensive solution for data protection, loss prevention and monitoring the transmission of sensitive information outside a company, as well as for the protection of the company from internal threats.
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LogRhythm’s Threat Lifecycle Management Platform provides a complete, end-to-end workflow so you can sort through the noise and quickly discover, investigate, and respond to cyberthreats.
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Niagara Network

The industry’s newest Network Visibility company with a remarkable history

Niagara Networks helps Service Providers and Enterprise Data Centers implement the most advanced visibility, monitoring and security solutions whether 1G or 100G. Niagara Networks’ product family is the result of sophisticated systems architecture and advanced product designs developed and produced by Interface Masters Technologies, a leading Silicon Valley Network Solutions provider to OEM customers from market leaders to cutting edge new companies. Now an independent company, Niagara leads the industry with deployments of 100G security solutions today, and in the future 400G and beyond.

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Kaspersky Lab

Business next generation cyber security :

  • Small Business Products : 1-50 Employees
  • Medium Business Products : 51-999 Employees
  • Enterprise Solutions : 1000+ Employees

Our range of security solutions offers the combination of security & manageability that’s right for your business.
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Netsweeper application is designed to manage the Internet access and activity of Internet users around the world. Originally created as an alternative to the limited performance of the early filtering products that simply used word-blocking techniques and URL-blocking lists, Netsweeper was designed with the first automated and on demand content filtering categorization system. Netsweeper is the first Internet content filtering company to develop and use a form of hybrid “AI” (Artificial Intelligence) technology to scan content, assign content to categories, and update its filter system without human intervention in real-time.
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Protect your apps from the inside out

Traditional network and device cybersecurity approaches do not work for high-value apps running in untrusted environments. Without additional protection, applications are your least secured attack vector.
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Measure and actively manage how prepared you are

With RedSeal’s network modeling and risk scoring platform, you’re able to understand the state of your network, measure digital resilience, verify compliance, and accelerate incident investigation.
RedSeal determines your RedSeal Digital Resilience Score(TM), a network cyber risk score modeled after a creditworthiness score, so you can accurately measure how prepared you are now and actively manage progress toward where you want to be.
RedSeal is the essential network modeling and risk scoring platform that puts decision-making power right in your hands.
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vArmour, the data center and cloud security company, delivers agentless integrated security services to auto-discover application communications, optimize policy modeling, and protect critical applications and workloads across multi-clouds.
The vArmour DSS Distributed Security System is deployed across the world’s largest banks, telecom service providers, government agencies, healthcare providers, and retailers. Partnering with companies including AWS, Cisco, HPE and VMware, vArmour builds security into modern infrastructures with a simple and scalable approach that drives unparalleled agility and operational efficiency.
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Think of Aella as the industry’s first Virtual Security Analyst Assistant, powered by advanced AI. Under the covers, Aella delivers Pervasive Breach Detection by using Distributed Security Intelligence™, empowering organizations to proactively detect and thwart attacks on their critical data systems before damage is done. Instead of overwhelming security teams with countless false alarms, Aella intelligently uses multiple Machine Learning techniques to cut through the noise and deliver high-fidelity alerts that enable fast, effective responses, reducing detection and response time from months to minutes. With Aella its like having a relentless virtual security assistant on your team.
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